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Overwatch Anniversary tease dives deeper with Submarine Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball goes under the sea with his Legendary skin for this year's Overwatch Anniversary event.


The Overwatch Anniversary event is just one day away. So Blizzard has a few more teases remaining before the big day. The latest one hit on Monday and revolves around everybody's favorite killer hamster stuck in a giant ball. Wrecking Ball will unleash death from the depths with his new Submarine outfit.

Wrecking Ball is the captain now, as you can see his vessel is looking like something straight out of Bioshock. Plus, Hammond himself has dressed the part, sporting a sea admiral's garb and a cute little hat. Submarine Wrecking Ball is one of a handful of Legendary skins that will be available as part of this year's Overwatch Anniversary event.

Over the weekend, Blizzard issued a few additional teases. On Saturday, followers of the Overwatch Twitter account got a first look at Huitzilopochtli Zenyatta, a new Legendary skin for the Zen warrior. Unleash the fury of a thousand suns with this new look.

And on Sunday, Overwatch greeted a new mother of dragons. It's Mercy, now donning a new Legendary skin. Dragoon Mercy gives her a dragon scale outfit, while also trading her halo in for a dragon helmet.

This is on top of the Little Red Ashe and Masquerade Reaper skins that were teased late last week. The Overwatch Anniversary event is set to begin this Tuesday, May 19 and run all the way through June 9. We'll have more on the big event when it kicks off, so stay tuned.

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