Felwinter's Lie - Destiny 2

Felwinter's Lie looks to return to the game in Destiny 2, and it all begins with a quest called The Lie.


Destiny players woke up to some good news today, as a new quest called ‘The Lie’ has appeared on Mars, and it is believed that the quest will reward Guardians with Felwinter’s Lie when completed. The quest was leaked quite a while ago, but now that it’s actually available, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you sort out everything you need to know to unlock Felwinter’s Lie and add this Legendary Shotgun to your arsenal in Destiny 2.

Last updated on May 21, 2020 at 3:41 p.m. EST.

Felwinter’s Lie - Destiny 2

Destiny players will recognize Felwinter’s Lie from Destiny 1, where it acted as one of the most powerful and iconic weapons that could drop during Year 1’s Iron Banner event. Now that ‘The Lie’ has appeared in Destiny 2, players are working their way through the quest to unlock this Legendary Shotgun.

Felwinter's Lie quest - destiny 2
The Lie kicks off by having players complete Seraph Tower public events.

Step 1: Warmind Evaluation

The first step to unlocking Felwinter’s Lie comes in the form of a quest called ‘The Lie’, which can be obtained by talking to Ana Bray on Mars. After talking to Bray, she’ll mention that Rasputin wants to see how Guardians work, and she asks you to complete public events on the EDZ, Io, and the Moon.

Now, while this might not seem all the bad, a data mine back in April seems to reveal that Rasputin is looking 3,000,000 completed public events on each planet. This comes out to a total of 9,000,000 public events altogether. Furthermore, according to a tweet from Community Manager dmg04, the only public events that count towards this progression are Seraph Towers. The good news, though, is this part of the quest is tied to the community’s progression as a whole, so you won’t have to complete that many Seraph Towers on your own. Make sure you read over our Seraph Tower public event guide so you don't waste any time.

Step 2: One of Many

After completing the required amount of Seraph Towers, players will need to return to Ana and talk to her to unlock the third step of the quest.

Step 3: Vostok

Destiny 2 The Lie Vostok Visited A Warmind's Secrets
The task "Vostok visited" takes place in the EDZ. Find the mission banner labelled, A Warmind's Secrets, to begin this next step.

After talking to Ana, the next task will have the goal: Vostok visited. This can be tricky to find as there are a whole lot of banners, flags, and other icons in Destiny 2, and spotting a new one can be hard. This mission marker is on the EDZ map below the Winding Cove. Launch the mission, A Warmind's Secrets, from the map. There are three piles of scrap littered around the map that you will need to scan with your Ghost. One is right near where you start, the other is on the opposite side of the map in the building near the cliff, and the last is at the entrance to the caves.

Step 4: Shotgun Telemetry

destiny 2 the lie shotgun telemetry
You're going to need a lot of Shotgun kills for this step. Consider using the Last Wish raid's Shuro Chi checkpoint to make it nice and easy.

After collecting all the energy on Vostok, players will need to head around the system, or into the Crucible to complete this fourth step by earning kills with a Shotgun. One of the best places to do this is in the Last Wish raid at the Shuro Chi checkpoint. Use the 4th wish on the Wall of Wishes to teleport to the start of the fight. We've got a guide on the best Shotguns for PVE and PVP if you're looking for a new weapon in the meantime. 

Step 5: Lunar Trip

destiny 2 the lie lunar trip
Go into the Seraph Bunker on the Moon and interact with the center bundle of monitors to speak with Rasputin.

With the Shotgun kills collected, Rasputin is ready to talk to you and has requested that you head to the Lunar Seraph Bunker for more information. This is the Seraph Bunker on the Moon.

Step 6: Warmind Heuristics

destiny 2 the lie warmind heuristics
Interact with the door in the Seraph Bunker on the Moon to start the next step, Warmind Heuristics. If you spawn near Eris Morn, your quest is bugged and you will not be able to complete it.

Update: As of May 21, Bungie has released Hotfix which has fixed The Lie. This next step is rather simple, you must interact with the door within the Seraph Bunker on the Moon. Doing this starts the next part of the quest where you follow Rasputin's story about a tyrant and his son. At the end of the tomb you will find the Felwinter's Lie Legendary Shotgun. After grabbing the weapon, use the comms station to the left to contact Ana Bray and then scan the room to hear what she has to say. And that's it, you're now the proud owner of Felwinter's Lie!

Felwinter's Lie perks and stats

Destiny 2 Felwinter's Lie perks
Felwinter's Lie features Shot Package as its intrinsic trait, a unique trait that harkens back to the original Destiny.

While Felwinter’s Lie previously had random rolls, it looks like Destiny 2’s variation of the weapon will include a fixed roll. The Legendary Shotgun offers the following perks, with the choice between Slideshot or Quickdraw and Opening Shot and Vorpal Weapon:

Perk Name Type Description
Shot Package Intrinsic Aggressive frame shotgun modified to offer more uniform spread
Full Choke Barrel Tightened barrel that reduces projectile spread when aiming down sights. Comes with a cost to precision damage
Accurized Rounds Magazine Increases firing range
Slideshot Trait Sliding will partially reload the magazine, temporarily boosting range and stability
Quickdraw Trait This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.
Opening Shot Trait Improved accuracy and range on the opening shot
Vorpal Weapon Trait Increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active.

For most players, Slideshot and Opening Shot are the best options to pick. However, if you don't see yourself able to utilize Slideshot effectively, Quickdraw will help you in a pinch.

Felwinter's Lie Lore

Felwinter's Lie also includes a little snippet of lore.

destiny 2 felwinter's lie lore

Now that you've got the Felwinter's Lie Shotgun in Destiny 2, you can take it into PVE or the Crucible and see how it holds up. We'll be sure to update this guide if any more information arises about the bugged Warmind Heuristics step. For more assistance, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 guide for even more valuable content.

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