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Microsoft Flight Simulator teases Alpha Build Update 1.3.X.X fixes for next week

Alongside a collection of new screenshots, Microsoft Flight Simulator has teased a wealth of fixes coming to the game in Alpha Build Update 1.3.X.X.


Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a fresh update next week and Asobo Studio has teased some of the changes coming in Alpha Build Update 1.3.X.X. Apparently, camera and installation issues and a fix of multiple issues on the A320 Airbus aircraft’s mechanics are among the many things we can expect when the patch launches. We also got some all-new looks at the game.

Asobo Studio dropped the teaser for Microsoft Flight Simulator’s latest patch on a May 7, 2020 update posted on the game’s website, including screenshots like the one from player . According to the lengthy blog about what lays ahead for the game, the A320 Airbus is one of the top priorities on the list. The noted aircraft has had issues with auto pilot, auto thrust, cockpit display, and other mechanical and visual flaws which Update 1.3.X.X should hopefully fix. Asobo has forecasted that patch notes for Alpha Build Update 1.3.X.X should be ready sometime in the week of May 11, 2020.

Below is a forecast of priorities Asobo Studios has pulled from user feeback on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020's alpha period.
Below is a forecast of priorities Asobo Studios has pulled from user feeback on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020's alpha period.

Here are a list of further known issues and priorities on the fix list through Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Alpha. Some, but perhaps not all, of these may be addressed in the upcoming patch.

  • A320 Airbus
  • Camera Issues
  • Installation Issues
  • Draw Distance of Other Planes Online
  • Manual Caching
  • Peripheral Support
  • Pitch Authority in FBX Flight Mode
  • Pitch & Yaw Inertia/Stability
  • Terrain & DEM Issues
  • World & Airport Data Offsets

Microsoft Flight Simulator has looked drop dead gorgeous since we first saw it announced at Xbox E3 2019. As Asobo works with Microsoft to realistically make a canvas of dang near the entire world and its airports and skyways, each trailer dropped makes us excited to see more.

As we await the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha Build Update 1.3.X.X patch notes, be sure to check out our hands-on preview of the game from late 2019.

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