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Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals free May the 4th mini-pet

To celebrate Star Wars Day, Star Wars: The Old Republic players are getting a free mini-pet, one that acts as a literal reminder of May the 4th.


Star Wars: The Old Republic players love their mini-pets. Throughout the years, BioWare Austin has offered up a handful of free mini-pets to SWTOR's player base. For this year's Star Wars Day, they wanted to do something a little extra. They want to celebrate this day by hitting it right on the nose with a mini-pet literally named after May the 4th.

SWTOR May the 4th

Anybody who logs into Star Wars: The Old Republic between now and Sunday, May 10 will receive a special Astromech Droid named M4-Y20. Yes, that's a May the 4th droid. Players can find it in their in-game mailbox. Of course, seasoned players may want to have select between their library of mini-pets. Will they wander with their M4-Y20 droid over some of their other mini-pets, like BD-1? That's ultimately up to the player.

Those looking to get into Star Wars: The Old Republic for the first time will have over five years' worth of story to uncover going all the way through 2019's Onslaught expansion. To help them on their journey, the Double XP window has been extended. Originally set to run for just a few weeks, SWTOR players will now receive Double XP all the way through June 16. They'll also receive double Valor and Renown during this time.

Lastly, everybody likes Star Wars music, regardless of where it comes from, right? BioWare has put together a soundtrack truly worthy of this iconic series and now that soundtrack is available in its entirety on YouTube. The Star Wars: The Old Republic website has more information on this and all of the other additions to the long-running MMORPG for this year's Star Wars Day.

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