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Unlock the Omen shipset in Sea of Thieves this weekend

Players who tune-in to some Sea of Thieves Twitch streams can score some Gears-themed goodies.


Sea of Thieves is nothing if not a game with boundless customization options. This weekend, players can earn themselves even more cosmetics in the form of the Omen cannons, wheel, and capstan thanks to Twitch Drops.

Twitch Drops Sea of Thieves Omen set

There have already been a few Omen items introduced to Sea of Thieves in the past. These included a set of sails and flag, a hull design and a figurehead. And now, any player that wants to complete the set can earn the remaining cannon, capstan, and wheel cosmetics by simply tuning into some Sea of Thieves streams on Twitch. This promotion was announced on the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account.

The Twitch Drop event is running this Friday and throughout the weekend. Anyone that wants to unlock the Omen cannon, Omen wheel, and Omen capstan will need to watch 30 minutes of partnered streams every day this weekend. All you need to do is watch at the following times to unlock the rewards:

  • Omen cannons: April 24 at 5:00 AM ET to April 25 5:00 AM ET
  • Omen wheel: April 25 at 5:00 AM ET to April 26 5:00 AM ET
  • Omen capstan: April 26 at 5:00 AM ET to April 27 5:00 AM ET
sea of thieves omen shipset Twitch Drops
Make sure you watch some Sea of Thieves streams this weekend so you can get the rest of the Omen shipset!

Head to the Sea of Thieves page on Twitch and select a partnered streamer and start watching. You will also need to make sure you link your Sea of Thieves account to Twitch or else you will not be able to earn the Twitch Drops.

These video game crossover sets are certainly a clever idea. Rare has already capitalized on this by digging into its back catalogue of games. As part of the Pirate Emporium (Sea of Thieves’ microtranscation shop), players can pick up shipsets themed to the likes of Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark, Kameo and Conker, and even Viva Pinata.

But for those that want to stick with the free cosmetics, make sure to tune into Twitch this weekend so you can unlock the Omen shipset in Sea of Thieves. Remember to check out the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough where we’ve been hard at work tracking and recording every important moment of Rare’s brilliant pirate game.

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