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Resident Evil 3 remake dino mod swaps zombies for raptors

Let's face it, the Resident Evil 3 remake Dino Evil mod is about as close as we'll get to a Dino Crisis remake for now.


Resident Evil 3 remake is really great by most consensus and continues to prove that Capcom has a pretty good winning formula with their latest remade games. While they prepare new Resident Evil titles, many players want to see them continue to revamp their dated products with cool new adaptations. Dino Crisis is likely high on the list of what a lot of players want to see next, but in the meantime, there’s mods like Dino Evil 3 to fill the gap.

Dino Evil 3 was launched by mod creator Darknessvaltier on Nexus mods, complete with a YouTube video, on April 17, 2020. The mod is rather simple in its aim. It replaces all enemies throughout the game with dinosaurs. It isn’t shown whether that applies to our old pal Nemesis or not, but indeed, it would seem that every zombie on the streets is swapped with a dinosaur looking to get a bit out of Jill or Carlos. It would seem that the dinosaur skin is overlaid on top of the mechanics and behaviors of a certain sewer-bound enemy, but given that enemy’s nature, the Dino Evil mod seems to work well with them.

As usual, it’s the kind of situation where you’re going to want to back up your save files if you use the Dino Evil 3 mod, but if you can look past the usual jank that mods can sometimes produce (don’t mind that spazzy raptor in the corner of the video), it’s kind of cool to see what modders put together with the tools present in the game and their own creativity. It’s a little more involved than bringing Isabelle to Resident Evil 3 (although we’re fans of that one as well), but it also makes us want that much more for Capcom to produce a proper remake of a Dino Crisis remake.

We actually talk about this a little bit in our recent Shack Chat when it comes to the rumors of Resident Evil 4 being the next remake lined up. Do you still want to see Capcom return to Dino Crisis in their remake era?

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