The Last Campfire's opening gameplay revealed during Inside Xbox

Those curious about Hello Games' next project got a lengthy first look at The Last Campfire's gameplay during today's Inside Xbox presentation.


While Hello Games has been focused heavily on No Man's Sky and its continuing post-launch development, another side of the developer is exploring their next game. The Last Campfire was revealed earlier this year, but there isn't a lot that's actually known about it. Fortunately, today's Inside Xbox show is here to shed a little more light on what players can expect.

Hello Games' Steve Burgess walked Inside Xbox viewers through the game's opening minutes. The story starts in the darkness, where a lone ember (named Ember) wakes up lost. A nearby painting illuminated to show Ember the layout of her surroundings, but it doesn't look like players will be any less lost at the beginning, as they must venture to find an escape. Ember will have the aid of a Wanderer's Satchel that she picks off of a nearby corpse. Ember's exploration will take her across different areas, solving different puzzles with different twists. Puzzles will largely revolve around Ember's ability to create light, symbolizes the flicker of hope.

One noteworthy item in The Last Campfire is that players will be accompanied by a disembodied narrator, who will act as the player's guide, as well as the nigh-omniscent storyteller. Burgess notes the game's sense of dark fantasy, likening The Last Campfire to classic movies like The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

The Last Campfire was first revealed during the March 17 Indie World Direct. Beyond Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, look for The Last Campfire to also come to PC and PlayStation 4 this summer. We'll be sure to update our 2020 video games release dates calendar as soon as we get an exact arrival date.

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