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Doom Eternal's fastest speedrun is clocking in at under 40 minutes

Speedrunners are cracking Doom Eternal open and flying through it in the wildest ways possible, with the world record Any% run clocking at just under 40 minutes.


When you have a game so absurdly fast as Doom Eternal, you’re going to have a mess of the best Doom Slayers in the world giving it their all to bust Hell up and send its armies packing in the fastest form possible. Speedrunners have wasted no time unraveling Doom Eternal’s secrets and breaking the game down, with the current world record Any% run of the game clocking in at under 40 minutes. began accepting runs for Doom Eternal going back as far as March 26, 2020. Currently, the Doom Eternal Any% category hosts a number of runs ranging from around the 1 hour and 20 minute mark to the top-ranking run of 39 minutes and 50 seconds (not including loadscreens) held by runner Distortion2. It’s worth noting that Any% means pretty much by any means necessary to reach the credits. Glitches are allowed here and used to their fullest extent as Distortion utilizes both floating over and through levels and a damage glitch make mincemeat out of even the toughest foes. If you want, you can see the entire run in action just below.

Distortions run absolutely blows away the expected game time of Doom Eternal. In an interview we did with Hugo Martin, the game’s Director theorized that it would take about 22 hours to play through the whole game. Even How Long to Beat puts the main story run time with no extras at about 13 hours. Safe to say, Distortion uses every trick currently known to break Doom Eternal down and absolutely demolish that run time. And this is only the beginning.

We’ll start by saying kudos to Distortion on grabbing the top spot and the current Any% Doom Eternal world record. May many more runs come to challenge that authority. Rip and tear as fast as you can. And don't forget to check out our Doom Eternal review while you're here.

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