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How long to beat Doom Eternal?

Stop guessing how long it will take to beat Doom Eternal and find out the answers right here.


If you’re looking forward to diving into Doom Eternal when it launches on March 20, then you’ve got quite a journey ahead of you. The sequel to id Software’s hit reboot of the iconic series is set to bring even more brutal action to players. If you’re planning on binging the game at release, then you’re going to want to know how long it takes to beat Doom Eternal. Here’s what you need to know.

How long to beat Doom Eternal?

While we don’t have any firsthand knowledge on the topic just yet – we’ll update this article once we play through the game ourselves – Doom Eternal’s Creative Director, Hugo Martin has confirmed in an interview with GameSpot that Doom Eternal will take 22 or more hours to complete.

For those who have played through 2016’s reboot of the series, Doom 2016 took roughly 11-12 hours to complete, depending on how quickly you pushed through various areas. That means that Doom Eternal is twice as long. We know that the game also includes a ton of new content and mechanics – like the grappling hook and even the ability to do more parkour like jumping. 

how long to beat Doom Eternal?
Doom Eternal will take roughly 22 hours to complete.

We’ve had our own talks with Hugo Martin about Doom Eternal, and you can check out our latest interview with him right here on the site. If you’re planning on diving into Doom Eternal at release, then you should go ahead and plan to put at least 22 hours into the game. Of course, we’re sure that someone will beat the game much quicker, and that we’ll eventually see some kind of speedrun community build up around the title, especially if you’re able to move through the game with as much verticality as we have seen in trailers.

Doom Eternal is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 20, 2020. The Nintendo Switch version of the game has yet to receive an official release date. For more info on the latest 2020 video game releases, make sure you check out our release date calendar.

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