Execution moves return in Gears Tactics and have strategic benefits

What would Gears be if you didn't get to use those Lancer chainsaws? Execution moves are returning in Gears Tactics, and they'll have special benefits to your strategy.


Gears of War and chainsaw kills are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together, and Splash Damage and The Coalition aren’t about to let those lancer chainsaws get dull and rusty in their latest game. Execution moves will be returning in Gears Tactics, and they’ll play a part in your overall strategy with special squad benefits if you use them.

Gears Tactics execution moves were addressed in a special presentation of the game from Splash Damage and The Coalition on March 27, 2020. During an extensive gameplay reveal of the game, we got to see the lancer chainsaw in action. It’s every bit as bloody and gruesome as it out to be, but there’s more to it than just gibbing some Locust grubs to bits. The dev team revealed that execution moves in Gears Tactics also play a major role in strategy. Each squad mate has three actions per turn. A certain length of movement will use up an action, they can shoot three times, throw grenades, or any combination. If you perform an execution move on an enemy, it gives an extra action point to every other living member of your squad.

Execution moves aren't just a returning spectacle to Gears Tactics. They're also a strategic opportunity to help turn the tide of the fight.
Execution moves aren't just a returning spectacle to Gears Tactics. They're also a strategic opportunity to help turn the tide of the fight.

It’s a really fun way to incorporate execution moves into the overall strategy of Gears Tactics. You will down enemies as you chip away at them. Moving in for the spectacle kill at that point provides an excellent boon to your entire team for which they can continue the attack on enemy forces. At that point, it’s just a matter of deciding if going in for an execution will put the squad mate performing the move in unnecessary harm’s way. That said, we’re happy to see that execution moves serve a multi-tiered purpose in the latest game of a franchise that’s famous for them.

Gears Tactics’ release date is set for April 28, 2020, set to launch on the Microsoft Store and Steam. The game won’t have all the traditional elements, such as multiplayer, but be sure to check out how Splash Damage and Coalition is letting you customize your squad with a wealth of classes at launch.

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