Samsung Z Flip testing shows foldable phone screen may not be glass

A recent durability test has shown that the Samsung Z Flip's foldable phone screen may not be any type of glass as Samsung advertised, but instead plastic.


Samsung talked a strong game when it introduced its new Galaxy Z Flip phone at both the 2020 Oscars and its 2020 Unpacked presentation. One of the claims of the new flip phone was that its screen featured an ultra-thin folding glass. However, a recent durability test calls this claim into question, showing that the Samsung Z Flip’s foldable phone screen may not be as sturdy and scratch-resistant as Samsung originally implied.

On a February 16, 2020 video posted on the JerryRigEverything channel, host Zack Nelson put the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to the test. In a series of tests, Nelson checked various claims about the phone, as well as other miscellaneous testing of the foldable smartphone’s resistance to various wear, tear, and damage. In one of the early tests, the screen is checked, and shockingly, it holds up very poorly against any kind of scratching. Though Nelson first checks with various qualities of stylus scratching, he also proves that even a hard fingernail can leave permanent indentions in the phone’s screen. The video featuring various tests of the Galaxy Z Flip, its screen, and other durability factors can be seen below.

Despite Samsung’s claims at the reveal that the Z Flip’s foldable screen is glass, it seems to have far more in common with plastic, or plastic hybrids, according to JerryRigEverything. It’s especially alarming to see that some fingernail scratching can permanently mark the spot on the screen where the phone’s camera is. Despite this, the phone still holds up to a lot of punishment for a flip smartphone. Nelson proves that it does quite well against keeping dust and particles out from behind the screen, can handle drops and reversed bending quite well, and even features a proper glass screen on the outside display of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip does seem to be one of the most durable flip smartphones on the market despite its screen.

As Nelson points out, it’s not necessarily that Samsung made a bad phone. It’s more that they should probably change their claims about what the phone is made of so as not to mislead customers.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip launched on February 14, 2020. Be sure to check our guide on the specs and details of the phone.

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