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How to open alien chests - Journey to the Savage Planet

Crack open the alien chests in Journey to the Savage Planet so you can claim the treasure inside.


There are a few alien chests to find in Journey to the Savage Planet. These grey chests have three symbols on them and are rather tough. You won’t be able to shoot your way in or break them open. So the question remains, how do you open alien chests?

How to open alien chests – Savage Planet

To open the alien chests in Journey to the Savage Planet, you will need to use a tool you’ve had on you since the beginning: the scanner. The trick is to find each of the three scanning points hidden in close proximity to the chest and then scan them.

open alien chest journey to the savage planet
Brawn and firepower won't open these alien chests in Savage Planet, you'll need to use your brain! (Read: use your scanner).

Each of the alien chests have three symbols on them, and three symbols on the ground around them: a circle, triangle, and a square. When you first find a chest, each of the symbols on the ground will be red, indicating the nearby pedestal has not been scanned. After scanning a pedestal, its corresponding shape will turn blue.

A shape will point to the general location of its pedestal. Sometimes the pedestals you need to scan will be in difficult to reach places or require late-game upgrades to uncover. For example, one of the earlier alien chests has a pedestal you need to scan trapped in amber. The only way to get it out is to use a blight bomb which you can only carry by getting an upgrade that comes a bit later in the game.

alien chest savage planet
Use your scanner to scan nearby pedestals to unlock the alien chest.

This is one of the many puzzles and oddities in Journey to the Savage Planet that might cause some confusion. Another such puzzle are the little green cubes of jelly and one strange thing is the horn sound you might hear from time to time.

Once you’ve scanned all nearby pedestals, the chest will unlock and you can claim your reward! The prize is an alien alloy, a vital ingredient in upgrading your gear as well as a requirement in fully clocking the game.

Now that you know how to open chests in Journey to the Savage Planet, you can get back to working out what lies in the heart of the planet. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Journey to the Savage Planet page for even more helpful guides.

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