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What the horn sound means - Journey to the Savage Planet

Discover the source of the horn sound you keep hearing as you play Journey to the Savage Planet.


There are a lot of sounds in Journey to the Savage Planet, and one that might cause some confusion is a loud, trumpeting horn sound. The sound of the horn in Savage Planet seems to happen at random times, and it’s only made more difficult to pinpoint when playing co-op with a friend.

What the horn sound means in Savage Planet

The horn sound in Savage Planet indicates that the enemy you killed has dropped extra loot. This little tidbit of information can be easy to miss, especially as it is often shared in the early moments of the game when you’re absorbing a lot of new details.

horn sound meaning journey to the savage planet
Sometimes when you kill an alien, a horn sound will be heard. This means the alien dropped extra resources!

Defeating enemies in Journey to the Savage Planet is one way to get valuable upgrade materials. When an enemy dies, they will pop and a whole lot of silicon, aluminium, or carbon will burst out of them. Though it won’t happen all the time, sometimes the enemy will explode in a giant shower of juicy resources – this is always accompanied by the horn sound.

Keep in mind, there’s no guarantee that killing things will get you extra loot. Whenever it does happen, it’s just a little bit of icing on the cake. However, because there’s always the chance that an enemy will drop more resources, you should be killing everything you see.

If you want to boost the resources you receive from Pufferbirds, consider throwing down some Grob and letting them eat it. A few seconds after they finish, they will poop out a stream of resources. Collect the resources and then kill them to get even more upgrade materials. You will want to keep this information in your mind when you discover the green jelly cubes hidden in Savage Planet!

The horn sound in Journey to the Savage Planet is bound to leave players guessing, at least for a while. It can be easy to miss the explanation of the sound, especially if you’re distracted trying to make a jump or figure out a puzzle. Check out the Journey to the Savage Planet page for some more helpful guides.

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