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Green cube of jelly - Journey to the Savage Planet

Found a green cube of jelly in Journey to the Savage Planet and don't know what to do with it? We have the answers to this weird, green blob.


There are a lot of strange things in Journey to the Savage Planet and none are as puzzling as the green cubes of jelly. If you’ve purchased some upgrades to the scanner, you might note that these cubes have alien alloy, but what to do with the green jelly is anyone’s guess.

What to do with the green cube of jelly – Savage Planet

The green cubes of jelly hidden around Journey to the Savage Planet are a little puzzle. If you’ve upgraded your scanner to have the Alien Alloy Detector, you might note that the green cubes have one hidden inside of them. Kicking, slapping and shooting the jelly won’t do anything, the trick is rather ingenious: feed the green cube resources.

green cube of jelly journey to the savage planet
These green cubes of jelly hold an alien alloy. To get the alien alloy, you must feed the cube some resources!

Slap or somehow move the green jelly cube over to some resources or alien life. Kill the aliens or break the resource vein and watch as the blob sucks it all up. After it has finished eating, it will grow in size. Keep moving the cube around, feeding it resources, until it explodes!

Once you’ve fed it enough resources, and it’s exploded, you will be able to claim the alien alloy! There are only a handful of these green cubes to find in Savage Planet, but hunting them all down is key as the alien alloys are critical items. They’re used for both upgrading your tools and weapons as well as fully completing Journey to the Savage Planet.

The green cube of jelly is going to give all players a moment of pause in Journey to the Savage Planet. It’s entirely reasonable to slap it around the environment, looking for places to put it. Unless you accidentally kill an enemy beside it and see it eat up the resources, chances are you’ll be stuck trying to solve it. However, once you work out to feed it, you’ll know exactly how to handle each one you come across. Check out the Shacknews Journey to the Savage Planet for some more helpful guides!

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