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Dive into the Strike playlist for the Anything That Moves quest to unlock Buzzard, a new Ritual weapon added to Destiny 2 in Season of Dawn.


Buzzard is a new Ritual weapon added to Destiny 2 with Season of Dawn. Unlocking this Sidearm is extremely easy thanks to it being a Vanguard weapon. All it requires is a bit of grinding. For those players looking to add this to their loadout, all that stands in their way is the quest, Anything That Moves.

Anything That Moves

destiny 2 buzzard anything that moves
Anything That Moves is a quest from Zavala that rewards Buzzard, a new Ritual Sidearm.

Anything That Moves is the name of the quest that rewards Buzzard, the Ritual weapon introduced with Season of Dawn. Zavala will have this quest available for anyone that wants it. This is one of the many Ritual weapons in Destiny 2, a new type of weapon class that replaced the old Pinnacle weapons.

After picking up Anything That Moves, you will need to complete the following steps in the Strike or Nightfall playlist:

  • 1,500 Sidearm final blows
  • 50 Sidearm airborne final blows
  • 4,500 points

When these three steps are complete, head back to Zavala to pick up your Buzzard Sidearm.

How to cheese Buzzard

There are some ways you can speed up the acquisition of Buzzard. In fact, there is a way you can downright cheese Buzzard and get it within an hour or two, depending on your speed.

destiny 2 sidearms for buzzard
Pick literally any Sidearm, it doesn't matter. Go for one you have on you.

Firstly, pick up a Sidearm or two. When you run out of ammo for one, switch to the other. Because you’re fighting AI combatants, there’s really no need to pick a specific gun. Just use one you’re most comfortable with or whatever you have on hand.

With your weapons selected, the next step is to load into Nightfall: The Ordeal, specifically a difficulty that has no matchmaking. The idea is that you want to find an area where you can farm enemies without making progress in the Strike. Consider entering a Lost Sector or finding an open part of the patrol zone with a lot of enemies.

destiny 2 nightfall the ordeal buzzard
The Legend version of the Nightfall puts you by yourself, allowing you to quickly farm kills from patrol.

For the airborne kills, just whittle the enemy’s health down and then jump and kill them. This will count toward the 1,500 kills.

As for all those kills, you’ll just need to get them the old fashioned way. Hang around an area, killing enemies until it completes.

The point system isn’t exactly obvious. What you need to do is just earn kills and medals. This will eventually complete by simply killing enough enemies.

Buzzard perks

Destiny 2 buzzard perks
Buzzard has some appealing perks that make it a viable choice in PVE and PVP.

Buzzard has a few interesting perks, and while they’re not unique to the weapon, they do make it a powerful option. It comes with Adaptive Frame, Extended Barrel, Alloy Magazine, and a Stability Masterwork as standard. The choice you’ll have to make is between:

  • Outlaw or Fourth Time’s the Charm
  • Osmosis or Swashbuckler

These are all really appealing perks, with the only less-than-stellar option behind Fourth Time’s the Charm. The reason for this is that it can sometimes be difficult to get repeated precision hits with sustained fire with a Sidearm.

Is Buzzard good?

destiny 2 buzzard is it good
Buzzard might not be a meta-leading weapon, but it can still compete in Crucible.

Yes, Buzzard is an excellent choice for both PVP and PVE content. For PVP players, Swashbuckler is going to be the best option. By earning kills with the weapon – or with a melee – you’re increasing Buzzards damage considerably. Titans that can shoulder charge an enemy will find they’re able to proc Swashbuckler x5, drastically reducing Buzzard’s time to kill.

For PVE players, Osmosis is going to increase Buzzard’s damage output, especially when matching burns. Even if you’re not competing with Match Game, you can still dish out a lot of damage very quickly in its Kinetic form.

Both PVE and PVP players will likely want to opt for Outlaw over Fourth Time’s the Charm, for the reasons listed above. Besides, Outlaw just feels great and it’s always helpful to have a faster reload speed.

It’s also worth checking out Aztecross’ video on Buzzard, as he dives into some of the damage numbers you can expect to hit when using Buzzard.

Overall, Buzzard is a competitive addition to the Destiny 2 smorgasbord of weapons. Whether or not it will become your go-to Kinetic weapon is entirely up to you. Perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more Exotic, like the recently released Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle. Whatever the case, be sure to head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 strategy guide, where we’ve got breakdowns of all the latest Ritual weapons.

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