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A new week means a new slew of challenges and things for players to do. With the latest weekly revolution in Red Dead Online, players now have the opportunity to collect a special set of items called the Gambler’s Choice. This collection is made up of three key items, the Ace of Swords Tarot Card, the Gran Corazon Madeira Antique Alcohol Bottle, and the 1800 Gold Dollar Historic Coin. In this guide we’ll breakdown how to find all three of these items quickly, so that you can complete the Gambler’s Choice weekly collection and earn a nice chunk of change.

Complete the Gambler’s Choice collection in Red Dead Online

Like most items involved in the Collector Frontier Pursuit, the three items contained in the Gambler’s Choice collection can be found in a series of three different sequences. Luckily, we’ve located each item in each sequence, and broken down exactly how to find them in the next section of this guide. To make this guide easy to follow, we’ve broken down each item individually, so figure out which sequence you’re currently on and then follow the maps and instructions to find the items you need to complete this collection.

Ace of Swords Tarot Card locations

Ace of Swords location - Sequence 1 - RDO

Sequence 1 – On top of the windmill at Flatneck Station. Climb the ladders to the top to spot it laying on the metal bars that make up the middle support tower of the windmill’s central structure.

Ace of Swords location - Sequence 2 - RDO

Sequence 2 – On the windowsill of the upper floor window of the barn at the homestead just west of the W in Whinyard Strait.

Ace of Swords location - Sequence 3 - RDO

Sequence 3 – On top of a barrel upstairs in the old house north of the H in Lannahechee River. Southeast of Rhodes.

Gran Corazon Madeira Antique Alcohol Bottle locations

Gran Corazon Madeira location - Sequence 1 - RDO

Sequence 1 – On a crate in front of the butcher’s tent located along the path that runs up to the western border of the map just to the left of the B in BIG VALLEY in West Elizabeth.

Gran Corazon Madeira location - Sequence 2 - RDO

Sequence 2 – In a broken-down wagon next to the train tracks that run south into Saint Denis from New Hanover. Just across the border into Lemoyne.

Gran Corazon Madeira location - Sequence 3 - RDO

Sequence 3 – In a green cabinet located in a small cabin that can be found along the road that runs from Donner Falls to Brandywine Drop. Located just inside the border to Ambarino when traveling west from Annesburg/New Hanover.

1800 Gold Dollar Historic Coin locations

1800 Gold Dollar location - Sequence 1 - RDO

Sequence 1 – Next to the trunk of a dead tree located just underneath the upper line of the E in Rhodes on the map.

1800 Gold Dollar location - Sequence 2 - RDO

Sequence 2 – Underneath a hanging lantern in the cave found just north of the E in GRIZZLIES in the label GRIZZLIES WEST on the map.

1800 Gold Dollar location - Sequence 3 - RDO

Sequence 3 – In between a large and small rock just south of Mercer Station. Use the metal detector to find it.

Once you’ve located all three items, you’re going to want to make a trip over to Madam Nazar, who will purchase the Gambler’s Choice collection for a total of $95 and 1,000 XP, on top of the XP you receive for picking up the items themselves. Considering how easy it is to find these three items in any of the three sequences, the payout is quite hefty. If you want to get your hands on more collectible items, then you can check out our guide on all Antique Alcohol Bottle locations, which details the location of Gran Corazon Madeira and other antique alcohols around the map for every sequence.

Now that you know how to complete the Gambler’s Choice collection, you can head back over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide. This collection isn’t always going to be here, though, so make sure you complete it before the weekly reset on December 10.


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