How to recover stamina fully in Death Stranding

Out for the long haul and just trying to get that last package delivered but you're running low on stamina? Learn how to refill your Stamina fully in Death Stranding.


As you explore the world in Death Stranding, you’ll find yourself dealing with quite a bit. Not only do you have to navigate the dangers of Timefalls, BTs and MULEs, but you also have to navigate the dangers of running out of stamina and being unable to continue your journey. Because of this, it’s important that players understand all the ways available to help them recover stamina in Death Stranding.

How to recover stamina fully in Death Stranding

Stamina plays an important role in how fast Sam Bridges can move around the world in Death Stranding. It’s also a key component of climbing, wading through bodies of water, and sprinting. The last thing you want is to find yourself dealing with a pack of MULEs without enough stamina to get away. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can refill your stamina.

Death Stranding - refill stamina
The Canteen is a great way to refill limited amounts of stamina while on the move.

The most accessible way to recover stamina is to make use of the Canteen that Sam carries around with him. Loaded with Monster Energy, or beer down the line, drinking from your Canteen will refill your stamina bar. The only kicker here, though, is that drinking from your Canteen won’t cure Sam of the exhaustion that kicks in after a while and lowers the amount of stamina available to you. You can only fully recover stamina by heading to the nearest distribution center or city and making use of the Private Room.

After Sam sleeps in the Private Room, his stamina bar will be filled again, allowing you to explore even more without having to worry about running out of juice. Just remember that you’ll still need to drink from your Canteen sometimes to top things off.

Now that you know how to fully recover your stamina, head back over to our complete Death Stranding guide, where you’ll find plenty of additional content to assist you in your journey.

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