How to refill your Canteen in Death Stranding

Learn how to refill your Canteen so you never run out of juice in Death Stranding.


Delivering packages across the country is exhausting work, especially when you throw BTs and Timefalls into the mix. If you’re going to survive the journey, then you’re going to want to know how to refill Sam’s Canteen in Death Stranding. As a vital mechanic for replenishing Stamina, the Canteen is a key item for those who want to succeed in their delivery escapades. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to use your Canteen, as well as talk about how to refill your Canteen so you never run out of that sweet, sweet Monster Energy Drink.

While we won’t be going into any gory details, we do want to warn readers that the following article might contain some spoilers for early moments in Death Stranding. As such, we recommend that you only continue reading at your own discretion.

How to refill your Canteen in Death Stranding

The Canteen is a very handy item in Death Stranding and understanding the importance of such a small piece of the puzzle will be key to your success as a Porter. Available right from the start of the game, the Canteen can be accessed anytime that you are out in the open world by simply pressing Left on the D-Pad.

Make sure you know how to access the Private Room so you can rest up and recover in Death Stranding.

This will bring up the Consumables Wheel, which is where you’ll find useful items like Blood Bags, the Canteen, and Cryptobiotes. The Canteen is conveniently located on the right-hand side of the wheel, making it easy to select. When you select it, Sam will drink from it, restoring his Stamina and allowing you to run, climb, and do other exhaustive things for longer periods of time.

how to refill canteen in Death Stranding

Now, there are a few things that players can do to refill the Canteen in Death Stranding. The first method is to simply visit the Private Room. These can be found at any major Bridges location—like Capital Knot City—and the Canteen will automatically be refilled with Monster Energy Drink upon entering the Private Room. Private Rooms are also a handy place to visit as you can also bathe and pee within them, two important mechanics that players should also be aware of.

On top of refilling your Canteen at any Private Room, any Timefall or other water that comes into contact with the Canteen will be picked up, filtered, and mixed in with the energy drink inside, allowing you to constantly refill your Canteen throughout your journey.

Now that you know how to refill your Canteen, be sure to return to our complete Death Stranding guide for more assistance along Sam’s journey. 

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