How to access the Private Room in Death Stranding

Learn how to use the Private Room to rest up, make weapons, and just relax in Death Stranding.


Every hero needs some downtime, and Sam Porter Bridges is no exception to the rule. As you continue through the main story in Death Stranding, you’re going to find yourself need to rest at some point. That’s where the Private Room comes into play. Introduced early on, you won’t actually be able to access this area as soon as it is shown off for the first time. This guide will walk you through the various ways to access your Private Room, which will allow you to do other things like take a shower and use the restroom.

How to access the Private Room in Death Stranding

The Private Room is key to Sam’s story, as this is where players will take showers to make grenades, as well as where they’ll need if they need to heal BB autotoxemia. No matter how you slice it, the Private Room is a key location and you’ll want to visit it often to recover stamina as well.

Death Stranding - how to access private room
The Private Room allows you to rest up, take showers, and look over your gear.

To access the Private Room, you’re going to need to head to one of the many cities that you’ve encountered along your way, or to major distribution centers. Each of these locations will have access to a Private Room that Sam can use to chill out, listen to music, shower, among other things. You’ll also be able to access the Private Room from a Safe House, which you’ll unlock the ability to create from a PCC later down the road. You’ll first unlock the Private Room after delivering the body to the incinerator after you talk to Die-Hardman and the others.

Whenever you arrive at a city or distribution center, you’ll be able to access the Private Room from the option on the menu there, or from the elevator itself. At a Safe House, you’ll be able to interact directly with the elevator as well as with the main interaction post where you can also see the other options available to you while there.

Now that you know how to access the Private Room, continue your journey with our Death Stranding guide for even more in-depth help.

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