Everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far

If you missed the various announcements and panels from BlizzCon 2019, here's everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far.


One of the big reveals at this year's BlizzCon was the Overwatch team taking things to the next level. Overwatch 2 is now on the horizon, acting as a sort of sequel to the original team-based shooter. Those reading this might wonder what "sort of" is supposed to mean. Shacknews is here to talk about everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far.

What's new in Overwatch 2?

The key new feature in Overwatch 2 is the addition of a full-blown story mode. The Zero Hour trailer revealed a world in which Overwatch has finally re-emerged as the heroic team that once protected the globe. And they've come back together just in the nick of time, as the world appears to be in danger from a powerful organization called Null Sector.

The story serves as a backdrop for Overwatch's first full-blown foray into cooperative multiplayer. There have been teases of it in various events from the first game, but this looks to be a full campaign for up to four players. Players will band together and face various CPU-controlled enemies and pick up different items to help them along their way. Heroes will also level up as the story progresses, allowing them to unlock different talents, abilities, and upgrades. If you want an idea of what a PvE mission will look like, read up on our hands-on preview from over the weekend.

Each story mission is locked to four specific characters. Meanwhile, Hero Missions are co-op missions that are open to all of Overwatch's characters. Hero Missions will serve as a way to level up characters.

The PvP side of the equation will introduce an all-new game mode called Push. Rather than escort a payload, each team will have a giant robot that they'll be guiding to an objective point. All Push maps will be symmetrical, with the winning team being determined by who can push their robot to their objective in the fastest time. A time limit will be in place, so if that expires, the team that has gone the farthest will be declared the victors.

New maps are being promised for Push and beyond. One example map for Push is Toronto, which Blizzard says will be an adaptation of the real-world Canadian metropolis. That leads to this question:

What does Overwatch 2 mean for existing Overwatch players?

Overwatch 2

If you're solely a fan of Overwatch PvP, there's good news for you. Blizzard is promising that all PvP updates for Overwatch 2 will also be available to owners of the original Overwatch. That includes maps and new heroes, like Sojourn from the Storm Rising event. Overwatch players can also join games with Overwatch 2 players, ensuring a unified community.

Those concerned about their skins, rewards, and progress from the first game will not need to worry. Everything from Overwatch will be carried over to Overwatch 2, regardless of when players make the decision to upgrade. That means the primary differences between the two games appear to be PvE, Push mode, and upgraded visuals.

When does Overwatch 2 release?

Overwatch 2's release date is unknown. However, there is one update from the preview posted over the weekend. We had originally stated that the game would come to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with no word on a Nintendo Switch version. However, the press release issued by Blizzard does indeed confirm a Nintendo Switch version. So look for Overwatch 2 to hit all four platforms whenever it's ready. We'll keep our eye on the Overwatch 2 website for any further updates.

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