BlizzCon 2019: Overwatch 2 Zero Hour trailer debuted

Blizzard chose to open their Overwatch 2 portion of the keynote with a breathtaking new trailer dubbed Zero Hour.


After a couple of weeks filled with leaks and speculation, the folks at Blizzard took the stage today during the BlizzCon 2019 opening ceremony to show off a new Overwatch 2 cinematic trailer. Dubbed Zero Hour, the cinematic shows the team battling Omnics in a crowded urban environment.

This new trailer not only marks the public debut of Overwatch 2, but also the anniversary of the last big cinematic trailer for the first game that revealed Ashe as a playable character. Overwatch 2 promises an updated engine designed to enhance the graphics as well as be a foundation for upgrades to the game. Character models are being reworked and enhanced for the second outing as well. The official Overwatch 2 website has an interactive gallery where players can take a look at the visual evolution between the original characters and their revamped counterparts.

The features for the new cooperative mode are also outlined on the game's website and include:

Action-packed story missions

  • Play an active role in the next chapter of the Overwatch saga through a series of intense four-player missions. Fight back against Null Sector, uncover the motives behind the omnic attacks, and confront a rising wave of new threats.

Replayable hero missions

  • The battle continues with Hero Missions. As escalating crises break out around the world, encounter an ever-changing array of scenarios with a range of diverse and dangerous enemies. Level up your favorite heroes and earn powerful customization options to help beat the odds.

New factions arise

  • It’s up to you and your friends to stop Null Sector, the elite forces of Talon, and other enemies of Overwatch from carrying out their plans. Each enemy faction features a unique mix of units with their own strategies and strengths, challenging you to adapt your approach every time you play.

No firm release date or even a broad release window was provided for Overwatch 2 during the BlizzCon 2019 presentation. It is possible that the game could arrive by the end of next year, though.

For more news out of BlizzCon 2019, check out our dedicated hub that is packed with up-to-the-minute information and media from the event.

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