Overwatch Hero 29 Ashe announced in new Reunion animated short

The leader of the Deadlock Gang joins Overwatch as the game's latest hero.


The latest Overwatch short debuted today during BlizzCon 2018, revolving around popular character McCree, and one new face was revealed during the short: Hero 29, Ashe. 

The "Reunion" short opened up on McCree eating at a diner with an appropriately Western tune playing in the background before opening up to the wider world of Overwatch to set the stage for the short. McCree exchanges some words with a character named Ashe, who was revealed after the short to be the game's newest character, with her Ultimate including her Omnic companion Bob. 

"You've never been one to shy away from a good tip," McCree cracked, noting that he wants the crate that Ashe and Bob before the conversation quickly devolves into a standoff between McCree and the others.

An explosive firefight ensues after that, of course, which ends up with Ashe tied up, Bob defeated, and McCree victorious, telling Ashe to "say hi to the gang" for him as he takes his spoils from the crate. He welcomes back his "partner" out of the box before speeding off on a motorcycle.

Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock Gang, which McCree was formerly a member of. 


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