Festival of the Lost 2019 brings spookiness to Destiny 2

The witch's broom Sparrow returns and even New Light players can get in on the spookiness of Festival of the Lost 2019.


Festival of the Lost is returning to Destiny 2 in 2019. The annual Halloween event brings with it a familiar activity, along with a host of new cosmetic items for players to unlock. The entire event centers around Eva Levante, who will be making her way to the Tower to help decorate and direct Guardians on their horror-slaying ways.

Festival of the Lost 2019 brings back the Haunted Forest

Destiny 2’s annual Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, is returning this year as outlined in the Shadowkeep roadmap. Festival of the Lost will kick off on October 29 and will finish on November 19. This gives players three weeks to enjoy the spooky festivities.

Much like last year, the event will feature the Haunted Forest, have a Masterwork weapon for players to chase, as well as offer up a handful of cosmetics unlocked through gameplay and some purchasable from Eververse.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost
There are a ton of cosmetic items available during the Festival of the Lost 2019 in Destiny 2.

For those that may have missed out on the Haunted Forest previously, this is a spooky take on the Infinite Forest on Mercury. Players enter the Haunted Forest and are given 15 minutes to complete as many levels as possible. The more levels you complete, the better the rewards.

There are also several masks for players to collect, including one of Emperor Calus, a Vex and Acolyte head, as well as Eris Morn and the Drifter. These masks are actually ornaments, meaning you can place them over the top of your helmet without sacrificing any stats.

Though the process of unlocking it is currently a mystery, players can acquire the Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle. This will drop at 950 Power and be fully Masterworked. This is extremely useful, as it is one more way to help you reach max Power outside of the Powerful gear tier rewards.

And of course, an in-game event wouldn’t be complete without Eververse items. Players can get their hands on all sorts of cosmetic goodies. Tess will be selling special skeleton armor ornaments, a pumpkin-themed Ghost, a spooky ship, a witch’s broom Sparrow and more!

Festival of the Lost is sure to bring a lot of joy to players out there. The one caveat before you can dive in is that you must be at least Power 770. What’s more, New Light players can also get in on the festivities. For more information on Festival of the Lost 2019, check out Bungie’s blog post. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews’ Destiny 2 guide for the latest information and news.

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