How to get the Rick and Morty gun in Borderlands 3

Track down Wick and Warty, the Rick and Morty Easter Egg in Borderlands 3, so you can get your hands on a powerful gun, the Redundant Phebert.


Unlocking the Rick and Morty gun in Borderlands 3 requires a whole lot of luck. Unlike some of the story-based rewards, this specific weapon is a rare drop from an equally rare enemy. Knowing where to find the duo (Wick and Warty) is half the battle, but there are some ways you can speed up the farming process so you can get the Redundant Phebert.

How to get the Rick and Morty gun

Borderlands 3 is chock full of intertextual references and this Rick and Morty gun is the latest discovery. Actually called Wick and Warty in-game, these two enemies are a random spawn in Lectra City on Promethea. Before you can farm the gun, you will want to brush up on how to get to Lectra City.

C-come on, Morty. We need to get those Borderlands 3 SHiFT codes. We gotta use them to get powerful weapons for free, Morty!

The gun itself is called the Redundant Phebert, a rapid-fire Hyperion shotgun that is able to dish out a lot of damage. It is a random drop from Wick and Warty, who are also randomly-spawning enemies. This makes the gun rather difficult to farm. While you're in Lectra City, you should also take the time to farm the One Pump Chump, or what players call the "One Punch Man gun".

Borderlands 3 Rick and Morty gun map
Start at the quick travel station in Lectra City and head northwest, following the buildings to an open area. If you're lucky, Wick and Morty will spawn.

To find Rick and Morty (Wick and Warty), start at the Lectra City fast travel station and head up the stairs. Turn right and follow the street that runs along the north of the map. You will reach an area where the Porta Prison side quest is started and where a lot of bots patrol. In the corner of this area are two shipping containers, it’s here that Wick and Warty will spawn.

Depending on your level, Wick and Warty will either be a breeze to kill or put up quite the challenge. Wick teleports around using Rick’s iconic green portal gun, while Warty appears as various versions of himself (Wrencher Warty, Perforator Warty, etc). You can kill the Warty’s but it’s Wick that drops the Redundant Phebert.

Borderlands 3 Wick and Warty
Wick is the one that drops the gun, so try to take her down as fast as possible.

If Wick doesn’t drop the gun, you will need to quit to the main menu and load the game again. For me, out of roughly 10 attempts, Wick and Warty spawned twice and dropped the gun once. You may find it takes fewer attempts or maybe even more.

It’s worth noting that you do not need to have the quest from the bounty board in Sanctuary. Wick and Warty spawn regardless of whether you have the mission or not. The bounty board mission simply directs you to their location, but it is also a random spawn on the ship, so it can’t be relied on.

Redundant Phebert – Rick and Morty gun

Borderlands 3 Redundant Phebert
The Rick and Morty gun, Redundant Phebert, offers some great stats for early-game Vault Hunters.

As for the Redundant Phebert, is it worth it? That’s something only you can decide. It is a fast-firing Hyperion shotgun, capable of dishing out a lot of damage. Plus, because it is a Legendary weapon, it comes with a bunch of great stats. Whether or not you’ll use this over the One Pump Chump will be entirely personal preference and likely depend on your build.

The Rick and Morty gun in Borderlands 3, the Redundant Phebert, is a rare drop from Wick and Warty. Those that want to get their hands on this shotgun will need to spend a bit of time farming in Lectra City as there’s some double RNG at play. Head over to the Shacknews Borderlands 3 guide for more Legendary weapon locations.

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