The Cartridge Family 078 - TGS Reactions, Fit Ring Adventure, iPhone 11's Demon (X Machina) Holes

A salacious podcast about what those 3 camera on the iPhone 11 Pro really mean.


Welcome to September - a month of new hardware, new games, and the beginning of that beautiful dead tree season: Autumn. We haven't quite hit that Autumn mark yet, but we have hit that Holiday 2019 video game release mark; some of the year's biggest and best are beginning to launch and this week is no exception. As if Gears 5's launch wasn't enough, we had the privelege of watching Hideo Kojima's interpretation of 'Man Peeing' during Sony's Tokyo Game Show stream (hah) this week. We discuss the impact of that urine on the industry at large, but we also pivot to other topics including the newly announced Ring Fit and Ring Fit Adventure from Nintendo. It's a wild show so we thank you for joining us and hope you enjoy!

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