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How to get the Pocket Watch in Remnant: From the Ashes

Improve your stamina usage by unlocking the Pocket Watch in Remnant: From the Ashes.


The Pocket Watch is one of Remnant: From the Ashes’ many trinkets. This powerful item is simple to unlock, provided you know where to look. However, there’s always the chance your world may not generate the item, in which case you may need to reroll.

How to get the Pocket Watch

To get the Pocket Watch in Remnant: From the Ashes, you must first find the NPC character, Mud Tooth, on Earth. This chatty old man is found in the guts of a crashed helicopter, in another main region.

remnant from the ashes pocket watch
Find the helicopter and head inside to speak with Mud Tooth.

In order to reach him, you must make your way through one of the dungeons on the edges of the main area. You may need to try fighting through different dungeons until you find it. If you do not see a helicopter and instead see a glowing red tree, chances are your world state does not have him. However, check the entire level, as it might just be in a different place. There's always the chance he won't spawn in your world, in this event, you can either reroll your world, see if he’s there on another playthrough, or try your luck in someone else’s game.

Remnant From the Ashes Mud Tooth stories
Keep listening to Mud Tooth's stories and he will eventually give you the Pocket Watch.

Once you find Mud Tooth, you must keep listening to his stories to unlock the Pocket Watch. Talk to him and select “Got any more stories to share?” When he finishes the story, select the option, “No, tell me more,” to keep hearing more stories. Repeat this until Mud Tooth runs out of stories to tell.

Pocket Watch Remnant From the Ashes
The Pocket Watch increases stamina regen by 15 per second and reduces stamina cost by 15%.

When he finally finishes speaking, he will thank you for listening to him and hand over the Pocket Watch. The Pocket Watch increases stamina regen by 15 per second and reduces stamina cost by 15%. This keeps you running for longer and gets you back up and running faster. You can also give the Pocket Watch to Brabus, which skips the boss fight entirely and rewards you with the Bandit armor.

While you’re on Earth, take the time to find the Assault Rifle and the Ward 13 keycard, the latter of which is used to unlock the SMG. Once you clear Earth, you’ll head on to Rhom where you can find the Beam Rifle.

Now that you’ve got the Pocket Watch, be sure to check out Shacknews’ Remnant: From the Ashes page for even more guides and tips.

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