How to get the submachine gun in Remnant: From the Ashes

Get your hands on the SMG in Remnant: From the Ashes and create the perfect monster-killing build.


One of the many weapons you can unlock in Remnant: From the Ashes is the submachine gun. While most can be purchased, the submachine gun must actually be found in the world. Finding it isn’t random, in fact, it can be unlocked right at the start of the game.

How to get the submachine gun

Remnant From the Ashes SMG
While it doesn't deal a lot of damage per bullet, the rate of fire on the SMG makes it a little bullet hose.

The submachine gun is locked away in Ward 13, the main hub of Remnant: From the Ashes. In order to access the area where it’s hidden, you must first head out on an expedition. Follow these steps to unlock the SMG and get to spewing out a ton of bullets!

  1. Find the Ward 13 keycard at the very start of the first level on Earth
  2. Go to B2 in Ward 13 and open the door
  3. Search the room at the back to find the fuse
  4. Go down to B3, put the fuse into the box and open the door
  5. Turn off the fuse box and go through the fan duct
  6. Grab the Ward 13 Master Key off the desk
  7. Return to B2 and use the key to open the locked door in the south
  8. Pick up the Submachine Gun from the table
Remnant From the Ashes Ward 13 keycard
Collect the Ward 13 keycard from the table in the first area.

Begin by using the crystal in Ward 13 to enter the world for the first time. After entering Earth, exit the room with the crystal and enter the next area. You should come across a room that contains the Ward 13 Keycard. Because of the dynamic way levels are created, the position of your keycard may be slightly different.

Remnant From the Ashes fuse
The fuse is on the floor in B2, an area unlocked with the Ward 13 keycard.

Return to Ward 13 and use the stairs near the reactor to reach B2. Use the keycard to gain access and search this new area to find a fuse.

Take this fuse down to B3 and place it in the fuse box. Use the box to give power to the door. Open the door, and then immediately turn the power off at the fuse box to stop the fan from spinning. Go back through the door and go through the fan duct.

Remnant From the Ashes Ward 13 Master Key
Grab the Ward 13 Master Key and head back to B2 to gain access to the room containing the SMG.

Grab the Ward 13 Master Key off the desk and then head back to B2. Go to the south area of the basement, pass through the red room, and walk up the stairs. Unlock the door with the key to gain access to a room with a hole in the floor.

Remnant From the Ashes SMG location
Enter the room and collect the SMG from the desk.

This room contains a lot of TVs on the walls, and on a desk will be the Submachine Gun. Pick up the submachine gun to add it to your arsenal of weapons. It’s worth taking the time to upgrade your weapons, as having a low-level weapon will do you no good, this is especially true for the SMG.

Now that you’ve got the Submachine Gun unlocked in Remnant, you can see if it fits your style of play. Head over to the Shacknews Remnant: From the Ashes page for more helpful guides and tips.

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      Anyone else playing this? I started it last night and it's quite enjoyable! Reminds me of one of those B tier games that were so plentiful in the early 2000's. That's not a knock against it at all, it's actually quite refreshing to have something that ISN'T a giant AAA wank fest nor a flimsy indie game.

      It's "Souls-like" in some ways, but it feels a lot more accessible than any of those games so if that is scaring you off don't worry about it too much. Some of the enemies are tough (the dual wielding blade guys that block your gunfire can eat a dick!) but mostly they're just puzzles that need to be figured out.

      I wasn't expecting much from it, but now I can't wait to go home and play more. At least put it on your radar for when it drops to the $30-$20 level.

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