Overwatch patch notes introduce Sigma and Role Queue

Overwatch is entering a brave new world with today's update that formally introduces Role Queue to all platforms.


There's been a lot of talk about the future of Overwatch. Whether it's a brand new character or the implementation of a new normal for six-person team compositions, Blizzard's team shooter looked like it was in for its biggest change to date. Now that change is out in the open, with new hero Sigma and the new Role Queue system available across all of Overwatch's platforms.

We've gone over Sigma, Overwatch's newest tank character, quite a bit in recent weeks. Hero 31 was first revealed in late July and subsequently added to the Overwatch PTR. For those who didn't jump into the PTR or for those Overwatch console version owners who need a refresher, here's what astrophysicist-gone-mad Sigma can do:

  • Hyper Spheres: Sigma will send out two gravitic charges. They'll implode after a short time and deal significant damage to any heroes around them.
  • Experimental Barrier: Sigma will send out a floating barrier to a chosen location. The barrier can be recalled any time.
  • Kinetic Grasp: Sigma will stop incoming projectiles in midair and convert them into shields. It may be tougher to stop smaller rounds, but those Pharah missiles will look pretty nice as a shield.
  • Accretion: Sigma will gather a handful of debris into a projectile and fling it towards enemy heroes, knocking them down.
  • Gravitic Flux (Ultimate): Sigma's Ultimate will manipulate gravity in order to lift nearby heroes. In addition to leaving them defenseless to onslaughts from teammates, Sigma will then slam them down on the ground for massive damage.

The much greater change to Overwatch as a whole is the implementation of Role Queue. This will officially force lineups of two support, two tanks, and two DPS characters, with each role getting placed into its own separate matchmaking queue. Players will find this in place in both Quick Play and Competitive modes. More details can be found on the Overwatch website.

That's still not all. Today's patch is also increasing the cost of all Ultimates by 12 percent, so you'll have to work a little harder to get them. Individual characters are also receiving some big changes. They include:

Overwatch - Ashe


  • Reload time per round decreased from 0.3 to 0.25 seconds.
Overwatch - Brigitte


  • Inspire (Passive)
    • Healing amount increased from 100 to 130
    • Self-healing from Inspire is now halved
  • Repair Pack
    • Now has 3 charges
    • Healing amount changed from 150 to 120
    • Now heals over 2 seconds instead of instantly
    • If you throw multiple packs at the same person, the current duration will be extended by 2 seconds
  • Whip Shot
    • Out-going velocity increased from 60 to 80
    • Retracting time reduced from 0.6 seconds to 0.3
  • Barrier Shield
    • Barrier health reduced from 500 to 200
  • Shield Bash
    • Stun duration reduced from 0.9 seconds to 0.75
  • Rally
    • Ultimate cost increased 10%
Overwatch - D.Va


  • Call Mech
    • Pilot ultimate cost reduced by 12%
Overwatch - Doomfist


  • Melee
    • Quick melee no longer pauses ammo reload.
Overwatch - Hanzo


  • Storm Arrows
    • Storm Arrows ammo reduced from 6 to 5
Overwatch - Orisa


  • Protective Barrier
    • Cooldown increased from 8 seconds to 9
Overwatch - Reinhardt


  • New Passive: "Steadfast"
    • Reduces knock back effects by 30%
Overwatch - Sombra


  • Hack
    • Duration on enemy players reduced from 6 to 5 seconds
  • EMP
    • Activation time increased from 0.2 to 0.35 seconds
Overwatch - Symmetra


  • Teleporter
    • Now lasts an infinite duration until destroyed
    • Players can destroy their Teleporter with the ability 2 input
    • Cooldown now starts when Teleporter is destroyed
    • Maximum range increased from 25 to 30 meters
    • Teleporter is destroyed if the entrance is more than 40 meters from the exit
Overwatch - Tracer


  • Pulse Bomb
    • Damage increased from 300 to 350
Overwatch - Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball

  • Minefield
    • Increased projectile speed from 10 to 12, causing the mines to spread out more
    • Reduced the activation time from 0.25 to 0.1 seconds

Those are some massive changes, taking Brigitte down several pegs. It's also giving Tracer and Reinhardt players something to get really excited about.

For more on today's big patch, be sure to visit the Overwatch patch notes.

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