Google reveals new Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR headset

The search giant announces a new version of its Glass augmented reality headset intended to be directly sold to businesses with new features and upgrades.


A few years ago, Google made a push for the enterprise market with the limited release of a special variant of its Glass augmented reality headset. The Glass Enterprise Edition was designed to help out with logistics and manufacturing tasks to increase productivity and quality. The search giant is now ready to release its successor, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, featuring upgraded hardware, connectivity, and availability.

The new Google Glass headset is once again aimed at enterprise customers, with Google offering a more powerful version of the device with a variety of customization options to more easily integrate its use into a variety of applications. Google has partnered with Smith Optics to make Glass-compatible safety frames for different types of demanding work environments, like manufacturing floors and maintenance facilities.

At the heart of the headset is the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 chipset, featuring a fast multicore CPU and what the company refers to as a new artificial intelligence engine. Along with faster processing speeds, power consumption has been decreased for better battery life and support for machine learning has been included.

The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 gets an upgraded camera for better outgoing video quality and sports a USB Type-C port for faster charging of the improved battery. To speed up integration with large-scale operations, the headset has built-in support for Android Enterprise Mobile Device Management.

This new augmented reality headset brings a new price tag along with its other upgrades and improvements. It will sell for $999, representing a sizeable discount from the $1500 that the original Google Glass Explorer Edition originally retailed for. Don;t be surprised if you being to see the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 begin popping up at a work site near you.

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