The Cartridge Family 064 - How to write a Sub-Title for a Bubsy Game, Celebrating the Nintendo 64

Now declaring this podcast's candidacy for all future Bubsy Video Game Titling Meetings. You could've called it literally anything. What is this?


[Spoiler Warning] We discuss Game of Thrones Season 8 a bit early in the show, between 11:00-17:00. The boys got together a bit early this week (two days early) to make sure they didn't "pull a Cartridge Family" and leave ya'll hanging for another 5 months. Good thing we got together, too, because we've created one of the most prolific archives of sniffle-laden voice-over work the world has ever seen. Sometimes it's worth it to be the best at literally anything.

Today's show, despite our best efforts, takes some time to celebrate the Nintendo 64. Joe gives the boys a short quiz about the beloved console, the answers to which can be found below. I'll program these quizzes better in the future so that the answers aren't visible unless you click. Sorry. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

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    • What was the N64's NA launch month and year?

      September, 1996

    • How many units were sold in the Americas?

      20.63 Million

    • What were the N64's Codenames?

      Project Reality, Ultra 64

    • When was the N64 Discontinued (month and year)?

      April, 2002

    • What were the two launch games?

      Pilotwings 64, Super Mario 64

    • What game was yanked from the launch lineup at the last second?

      Cruis'n USA

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