This War of Mine surpasses 4.5 million units sold

An unlikely indie gaming success story, developer 11 Bit Studios revealed on Wednesday that This War of Mine has sold over 4.5 million units in its near-five year lifetime.


It's been more than five years since developer 11 Bit Studios first unveiled This War of Mine, a survival game about being a survivor caught in the middle of a soul-crushing, seemingly-unending military conflict. The game has captured imaginations largely because of its bold idea of capturing the horrors of war from the perspective of civilians. And more than five years after the game's release on multiple platforms, the Polish developer is announcing that This War of Mine has surpassed 4.5 million units sold.

This War of Mine

This War of Mine's 4.5 million sales milestone includes units sold across all platforms since its initial 2014 release. That includes the original PC version released back in November 2014, its subsequent release on iOS and Android, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions released back in January 2016, and the Nintendo Switch's Complete Edition that released back in November. It does not take DLC sales into account, though 11 Bit does note that it has been able to donate over $500,000 to the War Child charity through the money made off of the DLC.

Speaking of the DLC, 11 Bit recently took the Father's Promise DLC and spun it off into a standalone experience for mobile devices. Within the last week, Father's Promise released on both iOS and Android as This War of Mine: Stories. The standalone DLC is selling for $1.99, which is the same price as the DLC currently available on Steam.

This War of Mine's sales has been a boon to 11 Bit Studios, making it one of the most successful indie publishers in gaming. No word on what's next for This War of Mine or for 11 Bit Studios, but one would assume that This War of Mine: Stories will also branch off to The Last Broadcast DLC sooner than later.

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