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This War of Mine airs 'The Last Broadcast' DLC in November

To celebrate its upcoming fourth anniversary, This War of Mine is ready to release its second DLC episode. And it's a big one!


This War of Mine is approaching its fourth anniversary, but the people at 11 Bit Studios have been methodical with the game's post-release content. Even though it's been four years, the game is only now about to receive it's second DLC episode, this one titled "The Last Broadcast."

The Last Broadcast is a follow-up to This War of Mine's first DLC released last year, Father's Promise. The game developers once again recruited writer Meg Jayanth (80 Days) to tell additional heartwrenching tales of war and what it does to those civilians caught in the middle. Players can find new playable characters, a new shelter, and a slew of new moral scenarios that can all lead to different endings.

The Last Broadcast is being touted as one of 11 Bit Studios' most ambitious efforts to date. Because of this, it's carrying a price tag of $3.99. While it's possible to pick up the full season pass for $4.99, that price will increase to $6.99 once the new DLC goes live. Pick it up right now. And for those curious about the base This War of Mine experience, it's available for a steep 70 percent discount from Steam until the end of the day.

This War of Mine: The Last Broadcast will release on PC on November 14. There is no word on when it'll come to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions of the game. Also, remember that the base game is set to hit Nintendo Switch at some point in November.

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