Where to find the Metro 2035 Easter egg in Metro Exodus

Learn how to find the Metro 2035 Easter egg hidden in Metro Exodus.


Metro Exodus is the third game in the Metro series developed by 4A Games. The series is based off of a trilogy of books written by Russian author and journalist, Dmitry Glukhovsky. More specifically, Metro Exodus is based on the third book in the trilogy, Metro 2035. As players explore the world in Metro Exodus, they can actually come across a copy of the book, which has been cleverly hidden in one of the first areas that you get to explore openly. Here’s what you need to do to find it.

Where to Find the Metro 2035 Easter Egg

As with all Easter eggs out there, those most worth finding will take a little work to pull off. That’s the case with this Metro 2035 Easter egg, which happens to be a copy of the book. To find this copy of the book, though, you will need to explore a small island located southeast of the Aurora’s location when you enter The Volga region. To learn about the location, you’re going to need to look out for a small tower and bandit encampment located a little southeast of the Aurora.

Metro Exodus prisoner location
You can find the bandit camp and the prisoner at the marked location on the map.

Free the Prisoner

Once you’ve located the bandit encampment, you should spot two of the enemies talking to a prisoner that they have situated inside of a cage. First, deal with the bandits, who are trying to decide what to do with the man. These aren’t the only bandits in the area, though. In fact, there are around three more set up in the area. One can usually be found patrolling the bottom of the tower. Take him out, then head up the steps. Another bandit will most likely be in this middle area, just up the stairs.

Deal with the bandit on the stairs, and then make your way up to the top of the tower. There is a lookout here that you’ll have to take care of as well. Deal with the pesky bandit, then you should hear some conversation from the prisoner below. Loot the area for any goodies that might be laying around, then head downstairs and release the prisoner.

While the prisoner is a member of the electricity-hating cult that tried to kill you not too long ago, he will tell you about a possible point of interest nearby—in fact, it’s just across the channel—the cult won’t work with it, as it needs electricity. But, since you aren’t a member of their weird little gang, grab yourself a boat and make your way over there.

Find a Boat and Reach the Point of Interest

The easiest place to find a boat is to backtrack to the Aurora, then look for a small path down to the water’s edge. You should find a little rowboat situated off a dock. If you don’t spot it, keep looking around, as you will need access to a boat to fully explore this region.

Metro Exodus rowboat
Find a boat by looking for small piers near the water.

Row your way down the channel until you reach the island that was marked by the prisoner. There are a few things to check out here. First is a small safe house. You’ll find a place to sleep as well as a workbench here so that you can clean your weapons. Near this, though, you’ll also find a small building with a couple of locked doors and several power boxes linked by black cables.

Restore Power

Your goal here is to restore the power in this building, as this will allow you to unlock the iron wrought door that blocks your way forward. To find the generator, follow the black cables that head out of the window. These should connect to a small building a small distance away. Head inside this building—make sure to loot the dead body next to it—and you should see the generator. Go ahead and try to activate it. Unfortunately, it’s running low on fuel.

Now you need to find some gasoline to refill the generator with. There are a couple of jerry cans around the building—just inside it, in fact—but interacting with them will reveal that they are empty. To find one with some fuel in it, head outside the building and around to the side. This should place you behind the building, with the generator just on the other side of the wall from you. Interact with the jerry can here to find that it has some fuel left in it. Grab it and return to the generator.

Find the Metro 2035 Easter Egg

After refueling the generator and activating it, head back up to the main building. You should see that power has now been restored to the area. This should allow you to interact with the switch to the left of the iron wrought door, allowing you to unlock it and gain access to the building beyond. Head through the now opened door and look for a cave-in that will allow you to head up to the attic area. Make sure you grab any goodies along the way, and then look for a small table overlooking a gap in the wall.

A copy of the book Metro 2035—which the game is based off of—will be sitting on the table. You won’t earn any kind of achievement for finding it, but it is a nice little Easter egg for fans of the series.

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