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How to pass time and sleep in Metro Exodus

Learn how to pass the time and sleep in Metro Exodus.


Metro Exodus takes the grim apocalyptic world of the Metro series and translates it well to a more open-ended experience, giving players ways to explore the world and tackle problems on their own terms. Alongside this less linear story approach, players will also find a slew of new features available to them, including the ability to sleep and pass the time.

How to Pass Time and Sleep

As you make your way through the ruined lands of the motherland, exploring the various locations that you come across, you’re bound to find yourself running low on health at some point. While you could use a medkit to revitalize yourself, there are other ways to go about it, one of which is to sleep at one of the makeshift “safe houses” that you can find located around the wastelands of Russia.

Safe house marker in Metro Exodus
Safe houses are marked by a green house icon in Metro Exodus.

When you discover a safe house in Metro Exodus, it will be marked on your map using a colored green icon in the shape of a house. This is so you can easily find these locations in the future. To sleep all you will need to do is travel to one of these locations and then approach the bed inside. You’ll be given the option to sleep. Press and hold the action button and then you’ll have four options.

  • You can get up.
  • You can sleep until nighttime—perfect if you’re looking to sneak around and avoid bandits.
  • You can sleep until daytime—useful if you want to avoid the nighttime horrors that plague the land.
  • You can drink from your canteen.

Passing time in Metro Exodus can be extremely important, so learning when to sleep and when to continue your journey is vital to your survival as you try to progress throughout the story. While nighttime holds more beasts, most bandits tend to stick close to their camps at night, which makes sneaking around them much easier to do. Of course, as I stated above, more beasts come out to play at night, and you might even run into some electrical-based enemies along the way as well.

Sleeping is a great way to save yourself a medkit and prolong your life. Most beds are also situated next to a workbench, which can be great for stocking up on ammo for your rifle, pistol, or even for crafting things like hand grenades. You should also make sure you keep your weapons clean, as a clean weapon is less likely to jam and cause issues in combat.

For more help, make sure you return to our Metro Exodus guide and walkthrough, where you’ll find all the information that you need to survive the Russian wastelands.

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