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How to clean and upgrade weapons in Metro Exodus

Learn how to upgrade your weapons and clean them in Metro Exodus.


Your weapons are vital to your survival in Metro Exodus. While you’ll have a few different weapons to work with, upgrading them will help you tailor them to fit the situation on hand. You’ll also need to clean and maintain your weapons, as they will have a much higher chance to jam or have other issues when they become dirty.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons

When your journey first kicks off in Metro Exodus, you’ll find yourself working with basic weapons. As you dive deeper into the story and unlock new regions, though, you’ll find yourself with even more weapons to work with. As you explore and acquire new goods, you’ll be given the chance to upgrade your weapons.

To upgrade your weapon, you’ll want to visit a Workbench. We’ve already shown you how to find a Workbench early on in the story, so head to the nearest one and interact with it. After interacting with it, you’ll be given a series of different options. You can craft items like medkits and ammo, or you can visit the weapons tab on the Workbench and situate different attachments onto your various weapons.

Weapon upgrade screen in Metro Exodus
You can install different attachments in the Workbench.

All of the weapon parts you’ve pulled from the world will find their way to whatever Workbench you want to use to upgrade your weapons. Here you can see the various stocks, sights, and even firing mechanisms and magazines that you have available. To place an upgrade on a gun, simply highlight the gun and choose the attachment. This will place it on the weapon, allowing you to start using it. Keep in mind that the stats of the item will change depending on the different parts you attach to it.

How to Clean Your Weapons

Cleaning and maintaining your weapons is crucial to survival in Metro Exodus. Running around with dirty weapons will lead to less damage, accuracy and even jamming, which can turn a simple situation with enemies into a battle for life or death very quickly.

To clean your weapons, you will need to visit a Workbench. Once here, select the Weapons tab at the top and then highlight the weapon that you want to clean. Here you’ll be able to see the overall status of the weapon, as well as the stats that are currently being affected by the gun’s dirtiness. Follow the prompts on the screen to clean the item and restore its basic stats back to normal.

Now that you know how to upgrade and clean your weapons, make sure you visit our Metro Exodus guide for more helpful content and strategy guides. You can also check out our review of Metro Exodus to see how the third installment in the series stands up to the rest.

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