Metro Exodus game guides and walkthrough

Here's everything you need to survive the latest chapter of Artyom's story in Metro Exodus.


Metro Exodus offers a bigger and bolder world than Metro fans have ever experienced in the series. Offering some of the largest maps that 4A has created so far, there is a lot to take in and enjoy about the latest installment in 4A Games’ popular apocalyptic franchise. Not only does it build off the formula that was used in the previous games, but it adds some new mechanics that players will need to get used to. We’ve put together an assortment of different guides, which should help you master the new features and survive the dangerous wilds of Russia.

Exploring dark tunnels in Metro Exodus
The dark tunnels of Metro Exodus hold many secrets and dangers.

Metro Exodus Guides

Where to find a Workbench in Metro Exodus
Learn how to find your first Workbench so you can craft items and ammo.

Where to find the Metro 2035 Easter egg
Find this hidden Easter egg for the Metro 2035 novel.

How to pass time and sleep
Learn how to find a bed and sleep to pass the time.

How to clean and upgrade weapons
Find out everything you need to know to clean and upgrade your guns.

How to craft ammo and items
Learn the ins and outs of crafting medkits, filters and other useful items.

There is a lot to keep in mind when you’re playing through Metro Exodus. While exploring you’ll want to be sure to listen to the NPCs and the conversations around you. They can often tell you about key locations that you’ll want to visit for more information, lore or items. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for useful items and resources, which will make crafting items much easier.

For more help surviving the wastelands in Metro Exodus, check out the guides we’ve featured here. We’ll continue to update this article with access to new articles as we create them. You can also check out our Metro Exodus review to see what we thought of the latest installment in the series.

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