Crytek and Improbable announce SpatialOS partnership, new AAA game

The teams at Improbable and Crytek have teamed up under a "commitment to open platforms," including creation of a SpatialOS dev kit for CryEngine and a new triple-A game project.


It's a good day for video game developers who wish to make use of SpatialOS and CryEngine technology. Both Improbable and Crytek have recently announced a new collaboration with intent to create not only a new SpatialOS CryEngine game development kit, but also a new AAA video game that will make use of the two company's technology.

Revealed in a press release featured on the official CryEngine website, the new Improbable and Crytek collaboration is meant to convey both teams' "commitment to open platforms." The post notes that Crytek "Crytek is planning to work closely with Improbable to create a fully-featured SpatialOS Game Development Kit for CRYENGINE for its forthcoming titles."

The post also notes that progress "has already been made" toward the new development kit, and that developer Automoton has already "created its own open source integration with SpatialOS for its forthcoming 1000-player battle royale title Mavericks: Proving Grounds."

"Crytek’s partnership with Improbable is based on a shared set of values," the post reads. "Developers using our technology should always be at the center of our thoughts. We want to make it easier for developers to create the groundbreaking games of tomorrow.

"Both companies are committed to working together for developers and to making statements that you can rely on. We are committing to respect for developer choice and interoperability between platforms, software, and services."

This move is particularly remarkable due to the recent tussle between Improbable and Unity, the latter of which who updated its terms of service in what appeared to be an effort to push developers away from SpatialOS and other cloud-based features. Epic Games was quick to show its support for Improbable, which is likely why the studio is mentioned at the top of CryEngine's announcement post.

Either way, it looks like blue skies ahead for developers intent on making use of SpatialOS and CryEngine technology. The teams themselves also announced an upcoming AAA game project, though no additional details were provided. Until another announcement is made, be sure to keep it tuned to Shacknews for future updates.

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