Unity updates Terms of Service after backlash from devs

Unity CTO and co-founder Joachim Ante speaks toward Unity's "commitment to being an open platform" alongside a new revision to its terms of service.


Unity has updated its terms of service following a recent controversy with Improbable and the company's cloud-based computing service SpatialOS. A previous update to Unity's terms of service seemed to rule out any games being developed with cloud computation in the mix, ruling out SpatialOS-powered games entirely. Now, the terms in that section have been revised to allow game developers to use any third-party service they require alongside Unity, though not all services will be supported.

"The distinction is that with a supported service, we understand the technology," a post on the official Unity blog reads. "We make sure the service and Unity work better together for developers. We also ensure that the supported service always runs well on the latest version of our software, so we can help future proof your project in Unity and ensure access to the latest tech."

Of course, it's up to Unity which third-party services the company will support. However, Unity has also clarified that the company's terms of service will apply retroactively depending on which version of Unity is being used. This way developers won't be bound by new changes to Unity while running older year-based or long-term stable versions of the platform.

The blog post also specifically mentions Improbable, saying that the company's licenses have been reinstated, though by no means should SpatialOS services be closely associated with Unity for support or stability purposes.

"Today’s change in our TOS means Improbable is no longer in breach by providing you a service, and that we are able to reinstate their licenses. But we do not consider them a partner, and cannot vouch for how their service works with Unity as we have no insight into their technology or how they run their business."

Hopefully these latest changes to the Unity terms of service will help clear the confusion developers have had with regard to cloud-based technology. Unity devs are also hosting an AMA on the Unity3D subreddit to discuss the terms in more detail.

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