CS:GO now Free-to-Play, adds Danger Zone battle royale mode

Valve's popular shooter is now Free-to-Play and has added its own take on the battle royale genre with the new Danger Zone mode.


Following in the footsteps of its other multiplayer shooter megahit Team Fortress 2, Valve is now offering Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a Free-to-Play game on Steam. The game has previously been available for $14.99 and has been a mainstay of competitive gaming for years. In addition this, Valve has also announced Danger Zone, a new take on the battle royale genre that is based on CS:GO mechanics and itemization.

In their official announcement, Valve states that the full CS:GO experience is now free to all players, including all game modes, maps, matchmaking, and select item drops. The previously available CS:GO Prime Status is still available to all players who reach rank 21 and attached a valid phone number to their Steam accounts. Players may also purchase Prime Status on Steam for $14.99. CS:GO players with Prime Status get access to exclusive drops and matchmaking with other members.

The new Danger Zone battle royale mode will drop players into a map known as Blacksite where up to 18 combatants will battle it out to the death. Players can queue into the mode as solo players, or in squads of two or three players. Like other battle royale games, Danger Zone players will start off with limited equipment and scavenge the environment for better gear. The item pool will be filled with current and classic Counter-Strike items, including weapons, cash, and even a little C4.

The killing is free now, folks.

Danger Zone players will also have access to bonus side missions like hostage rescue, high-value target contracts, and sealed safes. These special safes are full of money, but without the combination, players may have to resort to other methods of accessing the contents within. The development team mentions that Danger Zone is just getting started and will evolve in the future, taking into account community feedback and match data.

The newly Free-to-Play version of CS:GO and the new Danger Zone battle royale are available now on Steam.

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