Carnival clown boards locations - Fortnite

Where to find the carnival clown boards for the week 9 challenge in Fortnite: Battle Royale.


Fortnite: Battle Royale is very quickly approaching the end of Season 6, where it’s anyone’s guess what will happen, before then, there are some carnival clown boards to track down. This week 9 challenge tasks players with tracking down a few mini-games dotted around the map and earn a reasonably easy high score.

Carnival clown boards locations

The task of finding the carnival clown boards around the Fortnite map isn’t too troublesome; the real challenge lies in trying to get a score of 10 or higher, all while fending off other players. Thankfully, players only need to find three of these mini-games, not all of them.

The carnival clown boards can be found in the following locations:

  • East of Junk Junction
  • Southwest corner of Pleasant Park
  • Northwest of Lucky Landing, on the cliff
  • Northwest of Paradise Palms, where the desert meets the grass
  • Northeast of Retail Row, in the mountain area before Lonely Lodge

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To actually score points on the mini-game boards, approach the game and hold the button to activate it. Balloons will start popping out of the carnival clown board at random, destroy them quickly to earn points on the counter. Each balloon that is destroyed will count as one point and you’ll need to earn 10 points or more on three different carnival clown boards to complete the week 9 challenge.

As Fortnite approaches the end of the season, make sure you’re completing all the challenges each week so you can earn enough to unlock new skins and emotes! The carnival clown boards challenge is one of the easier ones this season, so get in and get it done for some quick earnings.

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