The Cartridge Family 054 - Discord Nitro Games, PS4 Bricked Consoles, Rockstar Games Crunch

Andrew, Chris and John are all back in town and ready to deliver the beatdown to Joe but also you (the listener).


John and I spent a day or two in Ohio with the Janitor (proper noun) himself, Asif Khan, this week. While we were there, we discussed all sorts of things including the state of the games industry, the housing market, and the likelihood of the All-Time Caveliers defeating the All-Time Knickerbockers (zero percent). But, what we failed to properly address was the concept of Broccolli as a meat substitute. Fortunately for the listening audience, the fam took up the helm and managed to define a stance on that very subject. It is very controversial. We've got a great show, today. Thanks for listening!

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