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Play 4 Planned Parenthood begins its 24-hour Twitch fundraiser today

For the second straight year, a small group of friends has gotten together to help raise money for Planned Parenthood, in the wake of continuing attacks from the government across the state and federal levels.


In 2017, a small group of friends took notice of the drastic steps that the government, across the state and federal levels, have been taking towards Planned Parenthood. With Planned Parenthood providing critical services for women, including birth control, emergency contraception, STD testing, vaccines, HIV services, and cancer screenings, this group of friends did what they could within their own power to help. With that goal in mind, the Play For Planned Parenthood 24-hour fundraiser stream was born, raising over $50,000 in its first year.

Play For Planned Parenthood has returned for 2018 and it is aiming much higher for its sophomore campaign. The stream is set to begin later today at 10AM PT and will run for 24 hours straight. All proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood, with interested parties able to donate directly through Crowdrise. Those who donate a minimum of $250 will earn a special Play4PP pin. The campaign's goal is set at $50,000, but Play4PP hopes to break last year's total.

Play for Planned Parenthood is a fundraising event to help raise money and support for the amazing services that Planned Parenthood provides people around the world," organizer Megan Embree told Shacknews via email. "Play4PP encourages gamers to play in a 24-hour marathon, working with their friends and family to raise money for the event. You can participate by becoming a fundraiser, or donating to the event itself! Play for Planned Parenthood is an event organized by 4 friends who wanted to make a difference in the world, and support an organization that they are passionate about. Although we are not officially affiliated with Planned Parenthood, we're just some normal gamers looking to find ways to quest with our friends, and combat some of the terrible things going on in the world today."

The official stream can be viewed on Twitch, but we've also helpfully embedded it below.

Watch live video from Play4PP on

Several volunteers will also be joining the Play4PP efforts, streaming for 24 hours on their own Twitch channels. The full list of active streams can be found on the Play4PP Twitch channel. Details on how to join the effort can be found on the Play4PP website.

"We believe everyone deserves equal rights to healthcare, and want to champion and organization and cause that brings affordable services to people in need around the world," Embree added. "Now more than ever, Planned Parenthood is under attack and needs our support. It is our passion and responsibility to support those in need which is why we organized Play for Planned Parenthood. Our goal is to allow a community of gamers to raise money for Planned Parenthood, and provide awareness and support for an organization that truly makes a difference."

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