NVIDIA RTX GPU embargo dates revealed

Three product review embargo dates have been set for the upcoming GeForce RTX lineup.


In addition to all the new games and festivities at last month’s Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany, hardware giant NVIDIA made waves with the official announcement of their next generation GPUs, known as the GeForce RTX series. NVIDIA’s top boy, Jensen Huang, took the stage and showed off his company's new cards and the ray tracing acceleration capabilities that make them special. What was not discussed at Gamescom was the cards’ performance power, especially when compared to the previous generation GeForce GTX 1000 series. All that changes when the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti review embargos lift on September 17 and September 19, respectively.

The news on these embargo dates, first shared by VideoCardz, also mention a September 14 embargo specifically for details on the Turing architecture. It is expected that the information available on September 14 will be what was shown to the press during the Editor’s Day event at Gamescom. Benchmarks for the new cards will follow early the following week. It is also believed that reviews for both the Founder Edition cards and AIB custom cards will be shown on the embargo day. With previous generations, the custom card variants typically arrived much later after the Founder’s cards first hit the market.

For a complete rundown of the clock speeds, memory configurations, and prices of the GeForce RTX cards, check out our complete guide. For a list of all the existing and upcoming titles that will be making use of RTX effects or NVIDIA’s new DLSS supersampling, refer to our guide to RTX-enabled games.

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