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All rift portal locations in Fortnite

Learn the locations of all the rift portals for the week 5 challenge in Fortnite.


Fortnite’s weekly challenges are an excellent way for players to level up while also earning massive rewards along the way. For the week 5 challenge, players are tasked with using rift portals that are hidden throughout the map, a relatively easy challenge so long as players know where to find them.

All Rift Portal Locations

  • A rift portal can be found to the south east of Junk Junction
  • East of Pleasant Parks is another rift portal
  • South of Pleasant Park is one rift portal
  • South east of Snobby Shores is another rift portal
  • One rift portal is west of Greasy Grove
  • Another rift portal is north of Greasy Grove
  • South east of Shifty Shafts is a rift portal, at a crossroads
  • East of Flush Factory is another rift portal
  • Head north east of Lucky Landing to find another rift portal
  • North west of Dusty Divot is a rift portal
  • Head north of Tomato Town for a rift portal
  • This rift portal is north east of Risky Reels
  • Two rift portals can be found south of Paradise Palms
  • Another two rift portals are north of Paradise Palms
  • Two rift portals are located east of Retail Row
  • To the west of Lonely Lodge is a rift portal

Though all the rift portals are easy enough to find, the main challenge will be other players in a game. However, players will only need to use 3 rift portals to complete the challenge! For those who are still doing the challenges from the previous weeks, check out the Shacknews guides on where to find all fire rings, all clay pigeon locations, and where the birthday cakes are located!

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