Birthday Cake Locations and Map - Dance Challenge in Fortnite

Gamers can earn all-new rewards by finding the location of birthday cakes spread across the Fortnite map and then dancing in front of them.


From now through August 7, players dropping into Epic Games' popular battle royale Fortnite will be treated to a series of birthday-themed challenges in celebration of the game's one-year anniversary. Two of the main challenges are simple, but the third involves seeking out different birthday cakes and dancing in front of them in true celebratory style. Keep reading to learn more about the birthday cakes in Fortnite, including a map of their locations and more information about the game's new birthday-themed rewards.

Fortnite Birthday Cake Dance Challenge

The first two of the three new birthday challenges in Fortnite are fairly straightforward: one challenge tasks players with playing 14 matches in Battle Royale mode, which shouldn't be difficult at all and offers up 5,000 XP as a reward; the second involves dealing 1,000 points of damage, which again should not cause players any undue difficulty, and unlocks the Fortnite Birthday emoticon as a reward. The third and final challenge is a little more tricky, as it tasks players with seeking out and dancing in front of 10 different birthday cakes spread all across the Fortnite map. For their efforts, players will be rewarded with a special new Happy Birthday spray. For completing all challenges, players will also be able to unlock the Birthday Cake Back Bling as well as the new Birthday Bridge Ramirez hero.

Of course, most of the challenge here will be actually finding ten different birthday cakes in Fortnite. Fortunately, we've got a map that should help players out on their celebratory quest.

Map of Birthday Cake Locations in Fortnite

The above map should be enough to point Fortnite players in the general direction of each of the game's ten different birthday cakes. Here's a more detailed description of their locations:

Fatal Fields - found right in the middle of Fatal Fields
Flush Factory - found just underneath the enormous toilet sign
Greasy Grove - found near the center of the area, between the basketball court and the nearby Durr Burger
Lazy Links - found adjacent to the road nearby the southernmost sand traps
Lonely Lodge - found near the parked RVs just West of Lonely Lodge
Paradise Palms - found near the northern end of the area, not too far from the welcome sign
Pleasant Park - found just behind the gas station on the eastern end of the park
Retail Row - found in the center of the market, not far from the basketball court
Tilted Towers - found sitting above the waterfall
Wailing Woods - found sitting atop a hill between Risky Reels and the Wailing Woods.

This map of all the birthday cake locations in Fortnite ought to be enough to get players well on their way to earning each of the game's special new birthday-themed rewards. To stay on top of the hottest stories regarding Epic Games' hit Battle Royale title, be sure to check by Shacknews' Fortnite home page.

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