All fire ring locations in Fortnite

Learn where to find all the rings of fire for the Week 4 Challenge in Fortnite.


Week 4 Challenges are here for Fortnite, which means Battle Pass owners everywhere are one step closer to unlocking their next killer skin, emote, or other in-game item. One of the challenges this week is for players to track down fire rings – or flaming hoops – whatever you want to call them.

Where to Find Fire Rings

Earn 5 Battle Stars by jumping through flaming hoops during a match of Fortnite.

As players have come to anticipate with these weekly challenges, the items will be scattered across the Fortnite: Battle Royale map. The rings of fire are pretty easy to see, they are after all giant flaming hoops. The trouble with this particular challenge is that players must jump through 5 fire rings with a shopping cart or ATK, this means actually having to find one on the map. Once players have a vehicle, simply find one of the rings of fire:

  • A fire ring can be found south of Snobby Shores
  • Three rings of fire are south of Pleasant Part, around the mountainous area
  • One flaming hoop is north of Flush Factory
  • Another fiery hoop is to the west of Lazy Links
  • South of Lazy Links is another ring of fire
  • Head south of Tomato Town to locate another fire ring
  • Northeast of Fatal Fields is another ring of fire
  • East of Paradise Palms is a fire ring
  • A fire ring can be found south of Paradise Palms

This challenge shouldn’t be too difficult to complete, so long as players are able to find a shopping cart or ATK early in the match and quickly get to a ring of fire. With this challenge out of the way, players will earn themselves a few Battle Stars, getting them one step closer to another skin. Alternatively, you could check out the new McFarlane toy-line of Fortnite action figures and get a real-life version!

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