Clay Pigeon Locations - Fortnite Week 3 Challenge

Fortnite Battle Pass week 3 challenges have arrived, tasking players with taking out clay pigeons at five different skeet shooting locations.


With a new Thursday comes a new set of Fortnite Battle Pass challenges. Among other activities, Week 3 will task players with shooting a clay pigeon at different locations spread across the Fortnite map. The activity of skeet shooting is itself fairly simple, but as with previous and similar Battle Pass challenges, tracking down every clay pigeon shooting location will take some extra effort.

Clay Pigeon Locations and Map

The new Fortnite Season 5 Week 3 challenge tasks players with shooting skeet at five different locations spread across the map. The challenge itself is quite easy — clay pigeons aren't particularly difficult to take out of the sky, players just have to watch out for players who might capitalize on their leisure activities for a quick kill. Instead, the bulk of the challenge involves actually finding one of the locations to shoot the clay pigeons. Happily, we've done the work for players; check the map below to learn the six skeet shooting locations we've discovered in Fortnite.

For the text-savvy, here's a more detailed breakdown of each clay pigeon location:

West of Pleasant Park, behind a grassy hill. (B4)
East of Lazy Links, not far from the bridge with the canopy. (G3)
South of Shifty Shafts, the abandoned house adjacent to the western shore. (D8)
On the northeast shore of Loot Lake, east of the northernmost of the two main islands. (E4)
North of Lonely Lodge, in a clearing just outside the Wailing Woods. (j4)
Paradise Palms, near a trailer park just beyond the north shore of the river. (I10)

To complete the challenge, simply walk up to the skeet shooting machines and activate it to have to start throwing out clay pigeons. Several friends can participate in the activity, with a nifty leaderboard right nearby to keep track of everyone's score, but remember that only a single clay pigeon must be shot at five different locations in order to unlock the rewards.

There's a lot more than skeet shooting going on in Fortnite — in addition to clay pigeons, players are also currently seeking out new rewards on offering for activities like dancing in front of birthday cakes. To stay on top of the latest news and tips regarding Epic Games' breakout hit, be sure to stop by Shacknews' Fortnite home page.

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