Final Fantasy XV Origin Pre-Order Bonus Counters Half-Life with The Sims

If you're EA and you see Valve offering Half-Life-themed cosmetics for the Steam version of Final Fantasy XV, what do you do? You counter with llama spandex!


One might have thought to themselves, "There's no stranger pre-order bonus for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition than Half-Life equipment." What could be more bizarre than getting Gordon Freeman's gear? It doesn't get weirder than that, right?

Electronic Arts said, "Hold our beer."

See, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is also on sale over on EA's Origin storefront. But while Valve can offer up pre-order tie-ins to their exclusive gaming franchise, EA is following suit with a pre-order tie-in to one of its own franchises. That franchise... is The Sims.

Yes, those looking to pick up Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition can opt to do so from Origin. And if they do so before May 1, they'll receive Llama Suits and a Plumbob from The Sims 4 to use in Final Fantasy XV. Because nothing strikes fear in the heart of evil quite like a brooding teenager in llama-themed spandex.

For more on this pre-order deal, visit the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition listing on Origin.

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