Gordon Freeman's Long-Awaited Return to PC Confirmed... in Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has announced a few updates on Steam about the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. On February 26, a free playable demo of the game will be available to download. Shackers can find it on the FFXV Windows Edition Steam page and the demo will feature all of Chapter 1. Players will be free to explore the game's tutorial and check out the opening main quests. This will also serve as a test for how FFXV Windows Edition will run on your PC. Hajime Tabata posted the following community message to FFXV's YouTube channel in which he announced a partnership with Valve to bring a Half-Life-inspired Gordon Freeman character skin for Noctis to the game!

Players who preorder or purchase Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition before May 1 will be able to claim a Gordon Freeman character skin and crowbar as an early-purchase bonus. Tabata also detailed the PC file size of FFXV Windows Edition. There are two versions: one weighing in at 100 GB and the other at above 155 GB. The difference in size is whether players download HD of 4K textures.

Half Life 3 confir... ah nevermind.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be released on March 6 and Shackers can preorder the game on the FFXV official steam page. The free demo will be made available to players on February 26. In case you missed it, Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition will also be adding new content in March.

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