Dead Space Is Free On Origin Right Now

It's not going out on a limb to say that free is the best price to pay for a video game. 


As part of EA Orgin's "On the House" program, which offers up a free video game to Origin members for a limited amount of time. The publisher is taking players to the darkest depths of the cosmos with their latest offering. Dead Space can currently be downloaded for free off the Origin website. According to the download page, the game is free for players to keep with no sort of time limit or expiration:

"Our goal is to provide a great gaming experience and a way to discover awesome new games. Having a game in your library, for free, is a fantastic way to see what Origin is all about."

Dead Space is an action survival-horror title in which players take on a spaceship full of corpses turned into freakish Cronenberg-esque Necromorphs. One of the major features of the game's combat is the ability to dismember various limbs from the Necromorphs in order to destroy them. I personally enjoyed Dead Space when it first hit the market several years ago. I felt it was a mix of Resident Evil and the film Event Horizon with more of a focus on action than the RE series. 

Players can pick up Dead Space for PC for free on EA Origin right now. No word on when the offer expires. 

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